Keep losing trainees?

Are you finding that your trainees and staff are leaving because the job “wasn’t what they were expecting?”

Blowing out recruitment costs?

Spending too much time, effort and energy on the wrong people in your recruitment process?

Overwhelmed with unsuitable applications?

Wanting to get the people who are actually interested in working in Children’s Services applying? Spending too much time sifting through loads of resumes for people who don’t understand our profession and industry?

We get it.

We understand the staffing and recruitment struggle centres are facing (especially with Trainees) and have created a  Recruitment Tool for Children’s Services to help you get the people who want to work in your service!

How To Use

Are you an RTO or Job Access provider?  Contact us to discuss your organisations needs.  We can provide a licence to use the Introduction to Childcare Course to be used by potential clients during recruitment of students and trainees.  Contact us today!

Features of Course Tool

  • Interactive layout, easy to navigate
  • Only takes 1-2 hours to complete
  • Includes voiceover and sound
  • Rendered 3D layout of a real service (including Virtual Tour)
  • Interactive panoramas of real indoor and outdoor areas
  • A ‘Day In The Life Of An Early Childhood Educator’ with real-life scenarios and tasks
  • Short quiz + certificate to show completion
  • A taste of knowledge based topics such as:
    • Child development
    • Interactions
    • WHS
    • NQF
    • Service operation and policies
    • Experiences
    • Interactions
    • Routines


Benefits for You & Your Centre

  • Reduce recruitment time and costs by encouraging self-selection by the applicants
  • Stop spending hours interviewing the wrong people
  • Multiple uses as a recruitment tool or induction course for volunteers
  • We take care of all tech support and assistance in using and gaining access to the course
  • Applicants will have a better understanding of the profession (and more realistic!)
  • Assists you to employ the right trainees who are aware of their need to study and course content
  • Quiz and Certificate built into course to prove completion

Benefits for Applicants

  • Assist applicants decide if Children’s Services is right for them before they apply
  • ‘A day in life of an Educator’ component simulates a real position to give them a more realistic understanding
  • Explore at their own pace (max 2 hours needed)
  • Expands their knowledge of course content
  • Provides them with a certificate

Want to see it for yourself?

Contact us today for a look inside our wonderful recruitment tool!

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