Thinking about starting a career in childcare?

Awesome! This is a great first step towards deciding if you’d like to start your dream career of working with children.

This short, online, interactive course will take you approximately an hour to complete and will give you all of the inside gossip of the industry and help you decide if it’s right for you. There is also an optional quiz which you can complete, so you can print your certificate and take to job interviews to show you’re the perfect candidate for that job or traineeship. 

  • Only takes 1-2 hours to complete
  • Includes voiceover and sound
  • Rendered 3D layout of a real service (including Virtual Tour)
  • Interactive panoramas of real indoor and outdoor areas
  • A ‘Day In The Life Of An Early Childhood Educator’ with real-life scenarios and tasks
  • Short quiz + certificate to show completion
  • Large industry knowledge base

Easy to Access

Just click, pay and play. It’s all in one place, on one site so you don’t need to go anywhere!


We’ve put in everything you need to know (and some extra!) to get you from here to a career.

Explore and Play!

Dive into videos, hot spots, panoramic views of a child care centre, and a quiz!

Your Certificate

After the 10 question multiple choice quiz you can download your certificate. This is great for showing future employers or training colleges!

360° Views of a Childcare Centre

Take your time as you scroll around a real-life childcare centre! We’ve got both indoor and outdoor environments covered so even if you’ve never set foot in a centre, you will know exactly what’s going on.

Hot Spots

In each room of the virtual tour, we’ve placed ‘Hot Spots’ which give you the inside scoop of what you’re looking at! You’ll get new information in every Hot Spot – so keep an eye out!

About the Industry

This course is created with you in mind. We wanted to make something that someone new to children’s services can get their hands on, so you can choose whether this is the career for you. To help, we’ve put a whole knowledge base full of industry information and helpful mini-check ins along the way which talk to you like a human (real talk!).