Do you have clients interested in childcare?

Written by Early Childhood Educators, this Introduction to Childcare Online Course gives your clients a taste of Children’s Services, with a certificate included, so they can decide whether childcare is right for them. This course is also being used in Children’s Services and centres as a recruitment tool where preference for positions are given to those who complete this course – so it could be the advantage and foot in the door they need!


  • Only takes 1-2 hours to complete
  • Includes voiceover and sound
  • Rendered 3D layout of a real service (including Virtual Tour)
  • Interactive panoramas of real indoor and outdoor areas
  • A ‘Day In The Life Of An Early Childhood Educator’ with real-life scenarios and tasks
  • Short quiz + certificate to show completion
  • Large industry knowledge base

Track Completions

Create an organisation account to see participant’s progress and certificates.

Improve relationships

Promote positive employer-provider relationships by not letting them spending hours interviewing the wrong people.

More Useful

Can be used as a vetting tool prior to enrolling in a qualification or as a professional and personal development tool.

Resource Saver

Reduce time and resource wastage by encouraging self-selection by the applicants prior to applying for positions.

360° Views of a Childcare Centre

Clients can take their time exploring a real-life childcare centre! We’ve got both indoor and outdoor virtual environments covered so even if they’ve never set foot in a centre, they will know exactly what’s going on.

Click Here to See 1 Minute Video of Virtual Tour

Hot Spots

In each room of the virtual tour, we’ve placed ‘Hot Spots’ which give your clients an inside scoop of what they’re looking at! They’ll get new information in every Hot Spot – so keep an eye out!

About the Industry

This course is created with your client in mind. We wanted to make something that someone new to children’s services can get their hands on, so they could choose whether this is the career for them. To help, we’ve put a whole knowledge base full of industry information and helpful mini-check ins along the way which talk to them like a human (real talk!).

Benefits for Participants

✓  Adds value to resume
✓  Preference for interviews can be given to those who have completed the course
✓  Assists applicants to decide if Children’s Services is right for them before they apply
✓  Provides applicants information about studying, course content and pathways to future training
✓  Promotes the benefits of establishing a career in a rewarding profession
✓  ‘A day in life of an Educator’ component simulates a real position to give them a more realistic understanding of the tasks they would complete
✓  Explore at their own pace (max 2 hours needed)
✓  Provides them with a certificate

Organisation eLearning Enquiry
Want to put more than one person through? Let us know how many people you'd like to put through our course and we can set you up with an organisation account. This means you can track completions, see quiz results, bypass PayPal, and add your own logo to the account.