Monsoon Season: Are You Ready for the New Package for CHC in 2018?


Can you feel that? That’s the wind of change coming in as a gale-force wind towards the Children’s ServicesImage result for winds of change cartoon qualifications. With the first draft of changes being made available for comment until the 14th Feb 2018, the forecast for this package involves new units and codes on the horizon and the amalgamation of others so there are more clear skies for RTOs and less stormy calls from learners. With discussions around non-regulated services being considered and the tidal-wave sized repercussions of implementing entry requirements for Diploma qualifications, we must be aware of the direction this wind may decide to take us.



Whilst we cheer for innovation, much needed revisions and progress, we do not particularly like the re-haul and stress a package change creates (i.e. the ripple effect of a small code change!). More so when packages are created without the industry currency and insight that is required for a seamless and obvious jump into the current and next century. So we implore you to have a decent read of the Consultation Guide for the Children’s Education and Care Training Package (Draft 1) Proposal and give your two cents! Please follow this link for you to have your say so we all get a package that is useful and easy to implement based on what we really need as Educators, learners and trainers!


Weather Forecast 

Initial Consultation Paper: August-September 2017
Feedback analysis:  September 2017
Children’s Education and Care TAC Meeting: 1 September 2017
Preparation Draft 1 & TAC Consultation: October 2017
Consultation Draft 1: November 2017 – February 2018
Feedback analysis & Draft 2 Development:  March 2018


If you’re not too keen on drowning in training monsoon season, flooded by all the necessary validation and compliance for new resources – we can throw you a much-needed life raft. To ensure that you are ready for the new package, any RTO that purchases our packaged materials between now and the official release date of the new package will receive an update to the next package for free.

Packages include:

  • The Lot (Cert III & Diploma Assessments & Learning Guides)
  • Combined Cert III & Diploma Assessments + Individual Learning Guides (min. spend 1000 units per year on single user guides).


Our assessments are available in Word Doc and could be changed by your trainers to meet the new package, however we are giving you those for free as a thank you for coming on board with CRA prior to the package change. This will save you thousands in trainer’s wages and validation. All of our materials are externally validated, have been successful in numerous audits and are used in RTOs Australia-wide.

It was comforting to see that we were already wearing some of our wet-weather gear for the last 4 years as some of the changes the panel recommended to the package we already include, for example the National Quality Standards being linked to specific, relevant units rather than a general statement in learning guides relating to all standards. We actually go further by linking these standards to videos and real-life examples so learners understand how they are implemented as part of their practice.

So, if you would like to avoid being waterlogged and would like more information or full samples, please give us as a call on 0425 335 729 or email us at admin@childcareresourcesaustralia.com.au

Stay dry!