Introduction to Childcare - eLearning Tool

We've got this great Children's Services eLearning tool to show you - pick which group suits you best!


Are you thinking about starting a career in childcare? Maybe you’re not sure where to start or you’d like to see if its right for you before you apply for that traineeship or course. This short online course gives you a taste of Children’s Services with great interactive features.

Childcare Centre

Do you struggle with high staff turnover? Keep losing trainees or wasting hours on your recruitment process? This free online tool can be seamlessly integrated into your current recruitment process, but cut your search in half!

Job Network

Are your clients thinking about a career in childcare but not sure if they’d like it? Are your employers wanting more job-ready applicants? This industry tailored course is a great to help the learner decide if children’s services is right for them and get prepared for the industry

Career Advisors

Do you have students thinking about a career in childcare but aren’t sure if they’d like it? This industry tailored course is a great to help the learner decide if children’s services is right for them and get prepared for the industry.


Childcare Centre: K. Flanigan, Nominated Supervisor

“We used the online educator recruitment tool to source a Certificate III trainee for our centre, and it was fantastic. We had over 20 people apply for the position within a few days, however only a quarter of that actually completed the online course and provided us with their certificates. We interviewed only those candidates who completed the course, and they were of a much higher standard than when we have hired previously without using the recruitment tool. Those who were interviewed and trialled were genuinely interested and passionate about a career in childcare, and it actually made for a much harder decision when deciding who to fill the position! I would recommend the Childcare Resources Australia educator recruitment tool to any centre looking to hire trainees, as it gives them an insight into the job they are applying for before they even step foot in a service, and really helps to determine who is sincerely wishing to join the industry. Thanks again for your help with sourcing our new trainee!”

Job Network, NSW

“It was a lot of good information  for only $29. The use of a real centre helped my job seekers try it out before they signed up for a course – it helped cut down our drop out rates.”

Individual – B.Chambersmith

“I did this course before I was able to apply for a traineeship at a centre, it made me prepared for the interview. I also liked the voiceover, it was supportive.”

Individual – Amanda Legge

“I enjoyed the short course & found it helpful. It helped clarify the difference between educator & teacher for me. The experience was worth it.”